Adventures // Exploring Lake Ray Roberts.

The other day we met up with our friend Cade + his mama, Courtney, of Hide + Hollow, to adventure in the woods by Lake Ray Roberts here in DFW. The boys had so much fun making rock collections, finding sticks + pinecones + climbing on whatever they could find, while us mamas got to enjoy some adult conversation + played with our cameras a bit. Here are a few photos from that play session! PS - I'm excited to announce I've started a photography adventure + am starting to build my portfolio. You can see my photography blog at the top of my blog page in the photography link or by clicking here. Be sure to like my Facebook page for it as well, which you can find here. Xx 



Father's Day x Daniel Wellington.

This Father's Day is a little different for us, since we aren't able to spend it with Andrew in person with him being away for work. So naturally, we are putting together a care package to send his way! His main Father's Day gift this year is a gorgeous Daniel Wellington watch that I am really excited about! He's been wanting a new watch for a long while, so when the amazing team at Daniel Wellington reached out to me for this Father's Day collaboration, I was over the moon with excitement, because it was the perfect gift for such a wonderful daddy. I'm also including our notebook that I blogged about here, little drawings from the boys + a few other goodies. I think he will know how loved he is + how much we miss him when he opens his box next week. 

Classic Black 40mm Bristol Men's Watch in Silver with NATO Ribbon Strap {shown under watch} c/o Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is currently having a bundle deal on their website for anyone who purchases a watch for Father's Day, which is running today {June 5th} through Father's Day {June 18th}. With the purchase of any leather watch from the men's collection you will receive a complimentary NATO ribbon strap as well as gift wrapping! Use the code THEMISTERS15 for 15% off of your purchase {valid through June 18th}. 


Cooper + Carson // Pre-K & Kindergarten Graduation.

Cooper accepting his Kindergarten graduation certificate. :)

Today, I had the honor of getting to attend Cooper's kindergarten graduation + Carson's pre-k graduation alongside their mama, their stepdaddy + their step brothers {Liam + Noah, of course}. It truly was such a special milestone to witness + I am thankful I was able to be a part of it. We of course, greatly missed daddy, but I was able to snap pictures + videos to be sure he wouldn't miss out on the fun. Here are some I snapped with my Canon, as well as some iPhone shots at the end. :)

This moment melted me. I love seeing him with his stepdaddy! 
I know he missed his dad so much today. But I'm glad he also had Matt there.

Carson at his pre-k graduation!

Making faces at his mama. :)

Cooper with his mama {who is almost due with baby #4!} + his stepdaddy.

And a few iPhone photos that were captured:

A little iPhone snap of me with my little man. So proud of him. :)

This one is so special to me! And I hope one day it'll be special to Cooper, too. Graduating from kindergarten alongside both of his mamas. I love it so much that we were able to come together today for him + celebrate in his special day without focusing on things that don't matter, like who is "step" + where we "fit". 

Brothers. :) This sadly is the best group shot we got haha Oh well. 
Glad they got to share in the day together too.


Deployment // The Notebook.

Before Andrew left for his deployment, I secretly put together a notebook filled with photographs, notes from loved ones, drawings from the boys + love letters from myself, so that he would be able to take a piece of home with him on his travels. He received this notebook along with a few other snacks for the plane ride, but was told he was not allowed to open the book until he was sitting on the airplane. He was blown away by all that was inside, which made me a very proud wife to say the least, since I never can succeed in any surprises without him figuring them out in some way. I know that for him that notebook was very special + I am happy I was able to do that for him before he left.

Little did I know, he got the idea to turn that notebook into a pen-pal journal + he began to write me letters back. About six weeks after he first left he mailed it home to me along with a few t-shirts from his travels + some other work paraphernalia from his company. Needless to say, I bawled my eyes out reading those pages. He always claims that he isn't much of a writer + can't express what he's feeling as well as I can on paper, but the fact that he took the time to do so + wrote such beautiful things absolutely blew me away, + I understood a little what he felt upon receiving it in the first place.

So now it's my turn to write to him again... to jot down little stories from his time away so that he doesn't miss out on the little things from home that he isn't physically present for. It's been a lot of fun + I can't wait to send it back his way again in his next care package which I'll be sending for Father's Day.

{This part made me absolutely lose it when I kissed that circle. Missing his kisses so badly! 
As of this post we've got 57 days down, 85 to go.}

I just wanted to share our cute little way of keeping up with one another while he's gone... I'm excited that we will always have this notebook to look back on years + years from now when this deployment season is far, far behind us.



Mother's Day 2017.

This past Mother's Day was extra special for me, because it was my very first Mother's Day as a mama to four amazing little boys. I couldn't be more blessed to have each of them in my life + I am humbled every day by the love they give to me so freely in their own little ways, through their hugs, late night cuddles, pictures they draw for me of our family, calling me mama + random "I love you's" from the backseat. My mama heart couldn't be fuller this year.

{I realized while trying to find a photo for this post of me with all my boys I don't have any, aside from our shoot from last fall with Elizabeth Wells Photography... adding a new family photo shoot to the agenda + making a note to try to get in front of the camera more with all four of my boys}

I spent the weekend away from my boys, because it sadly wasn't my custody weekend with any of them {we keep it matched so we've always got all the boys together}... So I was taken under the wing of Andrew's aunt, who has become like another mother to me, + we had a quick little weekend getaway to Fredericksburg where we did some wine tasting + shopping with her + two of her other friends. It was a nice + much-needed little break from the craziness of parenting alone while Andrew is away, but I was happy to get back to my babies Sunday afternoon.

My husband went above + beyond in the gift department this year too. He knows I love all things Rifle Paper Co. {my planner, calendar, cellphone case, recipe box, notebooks, + wall art all may have tipped him off} so he went on the hunt for a pair of the long-sold out Rifle Paper Co. x Keds collaboration shoes + he actually found some on eBay! And they were in my size! That sort of thing never happens to me. He didn't even know I'd been secretly coveting those shoes + kicking myself for not getting a pair when I had the chance... I just never had said anything. He just saw them + knew they'd be perfect for me. :) He also gave me a little shout-out that completely melted my heart + encouraged me so much as a mama... words of affirmation is a key love language of mine {aside from physical touch} so this was the only one he had to work with from far away this holiday. Needless to say, the man definitely knows the way to my heart + I've never felt more known, understood or loved. I can't wait for Father's Day to roll around so I can spoil him right back! I've got an idea or two up my sleeve. ;)

I hope all of you mamas, stepmamas + mamas to be had a wonderful Mother's Day. Xx


Liam + Noah // Potty Training.

Potty training is in full-swing in the Davis household + let me tell you... it's given this mama a run for her money. Some days they do so much better than others + I think we are almost there + then we revert back to accidents. Sooooo I'm open to any tips or tricks anyone might have for us. 

So far I'm going to try a new approach of no more pull-ups except for at bedtime + if we go out to run any errands until they are dry all the time. Then I'll switch to solely underwear with a doggy pee pad under their little bums while they sleep at night. Hopefully that will get us somewhere! But I have a feeling for the next few days I'll be making big investments in Tide Pods + OxyClean until they get the hang of it. ;) 

They are loving their sticker potty chart (linked below) + their Star Wars + Spiderman underwear, so I think we are off to a fun little start as they work towards their first big prize for going potty the big boy way. I think before we know it they'll be nailing this potty gig full-time. My youngest little guys are growing up so, so fast + I am proud of the independent little men they are becoming. Like I said, any tips or tricks my fellow mama friends are willing to pass my way, I am all ears! Potty-training twins without the husband around definitely has its challenges + it sure does take a village to raise kiddos sometimes. 

I found this adorable potty sticker chart here + it's been a great incentive + visual for the boys!


Deployment // The First Month.

This photo makes me smile... we set up the self-timer to get some shots of us before he left + this is the only one that really turned out. That man sure knows how to make me deep-belly laugh... and that's exactly what I did in every single photo + in this one here is no exception. I love how in this one he decided to kiss me during my little giggle fit... to me it shows that, despite being able to be goofy together all the time, we still know how to love just as hard all the same. I love having a love like that. :) 

It's officially been one month since Andrew first left for his deployment with his new contracting job + I wanted to take that little milestone to get some of my feelings out of my head + into this little space. Since I haven't really given any backstory yet to everything, I will start with that. 

Andrew was active military for six years in the Army + got out in the summer of 2015, a few months before we met. Civilian contracting was always an idea he kept in the back of his mind but never fully pursued, since it'd mean deployments all over again + being away from his boys. But after we met, we knew we had goals we wanted to pursue, like purchasing our own house + having our own babies together + so we ultimately decided in order to get to that place we had to do something drastic... + that's exactly what we did. He applied for this position, was quickly hired, + before we knew it he was shipping out.

To say I was a bit of a wreck is an understatement. There were so many emotions I had to juggle all at once. Saying goodbye to my newlywed husband, something I thought we no longer would have to endure once I moved from California to Texas to be with him last year... worrying about his safety, because although he will be on Army bases only he still will be in threatening locations from time to time... The idea of being a "single mother" again with the twins all day + every other weekend adding our other two boys to the mix all by myself + how chaotic that would be like {it has it's moments haha}... there was so much going through my head + my heart. To top it off, his original rotation cycle was supposed to be 90 days away, 30 days at home. But they placed him on a rotation that won't officially start that cycle for another couple of weeks, meaning he won't be home until August. That was the biggest blow of all. 142 days without my husband. Almost half a year in one shot. But I know I can be strong for him + I've done my best to keep busy to pass the days, + will continue to do that until the day he comes back home to me.

Needless to say, nighttimes are my favorite because we have our nightly Skyping ritual + I get to see his adorable smile light up my screen at the sight of my own. Despite it being so hard to be communicating solely through text messages + Skype chats all over again, it still, in the long run, is going to benefit us so much. We're currently under contract building our dream home, have talked a little about having a baby {unfortunately for him this mama has some serious fever! haha} + most importantly, it's bringing us closer as a couple. I already knew with all of my heart that I loved that man with all of my being, but being apart has made me truly know. He is the light of my life + the breath in my lungs... my other half. He's worth the waiting + the hurting. Someday this will all just be a small little chapter in our story. I can't wait for that day... but until then I can wait for my veteran. Xx 

A little Bible verse I've been clinging to as I wait for him to come back home. Xx

* I'll be continuing this series from time to time while he's gone on his deployments. Although I am not technically a military wife, I am living the same lifestyle with my husband being deployed + away at Army bases. The only difference is he isn't in uniform this time + he isn't going out into any active war zones outside of the base. But I figure this can still be relatable anyhow for anyone going through a deployment or has a spouse who travels for work. I look forward to maybe encouraging others + being encouraged in return throughout this process. XO, Kelly Ann