Autumn // 2017 Bucket List.

Photo via my IG: @kelly_ann

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love when the weather gets colder + we can layer up in our cozy sweaters + scarves. We don't see many days like that here in north Texas, but next week some cooler days are in the forecast + I can hardly wait! There's something about this time of year that is just so cozy. It brings my heart so much joy. 

This year looks a little different for me though, when it comes to the holidays + being cozy since my husband is off on a second deployment. So a majority of the holiday season I will be alone. I'll have to take the boys trick-or-treating alone, Thanksgiving I'll be alone {or at least at the mercy of friends + family since it's not my year for the holidays with any of the boys}... but thankfully, we just booked Andrew's ticket home last night + he will be home just 9 short days before Christmas! That's going to be the best gift of all... having him home for Christmas + New Years. 

To pass the time until Andrew gets home + to make the most of our holiday fun this year, I've made a bucket list for the boys + I to do for the fall. A few of these we can already check off the list, but there are a ton still left for us to keep us busy with in the coming weeks. Hopefully it'll give some of you an idea or two as well to do with your kiddos or loved ones.

1) Bake a pumpkin pie
2) Visit a pumpkin patch 
3) Go through a corn maze
4) Carve a jack-o-lantern 
5) Go trick-or-treating 
6) Go on a hay ride
7) Have s'mores
8) Watch Hocus Pocus 
9) Enjoy hot chocolate outside on a chilly evening
10) Curl up under a blanket with books on a rainy day
11) Watch football
12) Stomp on crunchy leaves
13) Take pictures in our Halloween costumes
14) Have a picnic in the park
15) Hunt for acorns + pine cones
16) Visit animals at the petting zoo
17) Eat Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones
18) Give thanks XO 


Autumn // A Trip to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch.

The boys + I went on a little adventure to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch today to find ourselves the perfect pumpkin to carve to place on our new front porch. They had so much fun climbing on all of the play equipment + running around among the hay-bales + pumpkins. They are absolutely obsessed with all things Halloween + fall, so they had a blast to say the least. Here are a few photos from our adventures today, including a few iPhone photos I snapped {+ one a kind lady took of the three of us}. 


Updates, New Beginnings + Davis Family Photos {2017}

Hi friends! Lots of changes have happened for the Davis family as of late. The biggest change of all is that we have closed on our forever home! I'm so excited to share photos of it in the coming weeks as I slowly complete unpacking everything we have + making our house into a home.

Andrew came home from his deployment in the middle of August and left in the middle of September. We had the greatest time together + I miss him terribly. Counting down the days until Christmas when he will be back home again with us all!

I was diagnosed recently with PCOS which means it looks like we will be in for another rough journey to having a baby of our very own, just as I went through with Liam + Noah all those years ago. I am clinging to hope, though, + trusting in my OBGYN + my new infertility specialist that before long we will be pregnant with baby #5.

I know I've been horrible about keeping up with this space. Now that I have a house that I can truly make feel like my home, as opposed to our tiny little apartment I am happy to announce we are officially back to our normal blogging like I did all those years ago. I don't even know how many readers I still have in this space anymore... but any of you who are reading this who have stuck around, thank you.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things with our little corner of the internet, to share our home, our adventures + my experiences as a mama, deployment wife + bonus mama.