Introducing Daisy.

We welcomed this little girl, Daisy Davis, to our family over the weekend. We've talked about getting a dog for the boys to enjoy + spontaneously took the plunge after seeing this baby in a sale ad on Facebook. It's been a long couple of days but she's the absolute sweetest + my little shadow. We are already so in love with her. It's nice to have another girl in the Davis household.  She's been such a joy in my life during a time that's been pretty difficult for me. We found out this past week that we are not expecting quite yet, but we know it will come in His time. For now I'm going to focus on our new pup + enjoy the summer with my kiddos + friends. Welcome to the family, Daisy girl. We sure needed you. 


Five on Friday.

one // first tastes of summer.
The Texas heat is not afraid to show itself to us this year, that's for sure! Since May started, we've been frequently in the 90°'s + sunny for our weather. It honestly is making me really nervous for just how hot our summer is going to be this year! Guess this just means lots of popsicles + trips to the splash pad + pool all summer to keep cool. ☺

two // coloring.
These two LOVE to color + draw. We pull out our coloring books daily in our household. It's become a part of our daily routine + we are blasting through our Disney/Pixar coloring pages. 

three // t-ball.
Carson was a part of a t-ball team this spring + it was SO much fun going to weekly games with him + seeing him is his little uniform. I was such a proud mama. He's got his last game tomorrow + we will be there rooting him on. Next sport on the agenda for this kiddo will be soccer + I can't wait. 

four // mother's day.
This year, Mother's Day was so special to me. I got to go to a Mother's Day Tea for Carson's kindergarten class alongside his mama. He made a Mother's Day necklace + Cooper made an art sheet "Owl About His Stepmom" that just melted my heart. Liam + Noah's step-mama helped them make me handprints to hang on our tree this Christmas. I also got to spend some time with all four of the boys on Mother's Day, which was a special treat in itself. The amount of love I felt + the wonderful way that we all co-parented on both sides this year really warmed my heart. I am hopeful things can always be this way.

five // journaling bible.
For our one-year anniversary, Andrew got me a personalized journaling Bible off of Etsy. It took 2 1/2 months before I received the finished product, but my goodness it is beautiful! His thoughtfulness behind everything he does for me just warms my heart. He makes me feel so loved + I am so excited to fill this new Bible with prayers + hope for our future as a married couple + parents.


Infertility // The Faith-Filled Heart of a Hopeful Mama.

"She is clothed with strength + dignity + laughs without fear of the future." - Proverbs 31:25

I haven't been extremely open about my infertility struggles as of late, but they're one that Andrew + I have been quietly walking in for the past three homecomings/deployments, which pans out to almost a year. This time home was the first time that we took the medical assistance route + things were looking promising so far... we're just now in the waiting to see if it actually worked. During the two week wait it's so hard to just relax + remain hopeful, when it involves something you want more than anything with the love of your life + you have obstacles to overcome to get there. 

I won't lie... it hurts my heart more than anything that we don't share in that beautiful experience together. That we share it with other people, both of whom we married for the wrong reasons + neither of us ever loved. I want to experience immense joy from my spouse when I tell him we're pregnant... I want to feel his hand resting on my growing belly in the hopes of feeling a precious wriggle + kick... I want to see the proud look of joy on his face as he holds our little baby for the very first time on the day they're born. 

I know those days are coming for me. The desire for it has been placed on my heart by God Himself. The waiting is difficult, but it's causing me to press into my faith even more. Perhaps that's His plan all along. Perhaps He's waiting until it's closer to when Andrew will be home for good, so he can experience as much of the process as possible. These are things only He knows. That is both a scary + a beautiful thought for someone in my situation. Letting go of all control, because I don't have any to begin with. I've been choosing to cling to Proverbs 31:25. To be covered in strength + to laugh without fear of the future. Because I know that our time will come. And that little baby will be beautifully + wonderfully made in His perfect timing. 

Last week I won a Mother's Day photoshoot by Paige Wilken Photography here in Ft. Worth + it couldn't have come at a more perfect time for where I'm at in life,  awaiting to see if we've been blessed with a baby + my husband deploying for another three months. These photos brought me to tears when I saw them, because in them I see a strong mama. I see laughter without fear of what's to come. I see what my husband sees when he looks at me... a woman so in love + faithful + radiant. Though my circumstances might feel overwhelming, I know my God is bigger. And for that reason, I will smile + I will wait for the goodness that is to come. 


Homecoming #3.

Sorry for the silence around here, friends. Andrew came home + I enjoyed my time with him here away from all distractions of social media. We've gotten back into the groove of life without him and deployment #4 already has one week ticked off the countdown for him to return. 

While he was home we drove to Georgia to visit family, took a trip for two days down to Navarre Beach in Florida + spent many hours on his new motorcycle we got right before he came home. Time went too quickly, of course. August cannot come quickly enough when I can be back in his arms all over again. 

I'm hoping we have enough summer plans to make that time go. I'll be back in this little space again until then, commemorating our beautiful little life + survival without the love of my life. Here are a few photos from our trip to the beach. If you haven't made it down to this part of Florida, do yourself a favor + go! The water was beautiful + the beaches were so white. It was wonderful to say the least. 


Liam + Noah Turn Four.

I cannot believe these two have turned 4 this week! They've literally grown up overnight it feels like. This past year has made them so imaginative, talkative + independent. It makes me so proud to see the young men they're becoming, even though I wish so badly time would slow down, just a little.

I'm excited to see what this year holds for these two sweet boys... I'm hoping one of those things will be the preparation of becoming big brothers. My fertility struggles lately have been very trying on my heart + on my body. We're taking the necessary medical steps to hopefully get our little miracle + I cannot wait to share that with you all when the time finally comes.

Life around here has been a bit chaotic + will only continue to be since my Andrew is finally due home from his deployment in a matter of days! We've got so many adventures + trips planned, which I'll be sure to share in this little space.



Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage During a Deployment.

One of the hardest things about Andrew's deployment has probably been living most of our first year of marriage 7,667 miles apart. We eloped last February {you can see the photos + post from that here} + then a month after that he was gone. Our first deployment lasted 5 months + then he was home for a month. The second deployment lasted 3 months + then he was home for Christmas + we finally got to take our honeymoon, which was wonderful. Now he's gone again for our third deployment + won't be home until April. So for 9 of the 12 months from our first year of marriage we've been loving each other through spontaneous gestures + phone screens. 

We had to learn how to adapt to that lifestyle quickly. They say your first year of marriage is the hardest + adding to it the stressful + often lonely lifestyle of deployment living + our marriage was facing what seemed to be a daunting challenge for survival from the very beginning. If I am being honest, though… it’s come easy. If anything, I love Andrew so much more now than I ever did when we stood in the woods + exchanged our vows.

Today I’m sharing a few tried + true ideas to celebrate your marriage during a deployment, in honor of Valentine’s Day + our first wedding anniversary, which we just celebrated last week and are 3 days apart.  

1.    Write love letters – Before Andrew left for his first deployment, I created a journal to take a piece of home with him on his travels. I filled it with love letters, photographs, notes from family members, messages to read on birthdays or holidays he’d miss out on celebrating with us at home. He was instructed to bring the journal home every deployment so I could fill it with new letters + photos, but he made a spin on my idea all on his own. He began to write letters to me + he mailed a care package to me halfway through our first deployment. I sobbed. There was something about receiving handwritten love letters from my husband while he was away that made me feel closer to him somehow. It’s now become a tradition of ours + we mail it back + forth every few months. I love that we have all of our letters in one place + the journal is a keepsake I will treasure forever when this season of life is over.

2.    Send a care package – In honor of Valentine’s Day + our anniversary I sent Andrew a package filled with our favorite Valentine’s candies, necessities he was running short on, a teddy bear that I doused with my perfume that he can have close by when he’s sleeping so it’s almost like I’m there, a picture frame with a photo of us inside + love letters on greeting cards to open on each special day. You can decorate the box however you want + include some of your + your husband’s favorite items. Think about what your husband would love to see in a love themed package from you. When Andrew opened this one he was blown away + felt so, so loved... I couldn’t ask for more.

3.    Make them something personal – This almost goes hand in hand with the care package, since you would have to send whatever you made along with it. You could make a scrapbook of your relationship, or a journal similar to what I mentioned in idea #1, a playlist of songs that remind you of your love, a scrapbook full of boudoir photos of yourself if you’re feeling spontaneous, or a picture frame of the two of you framed with things you love about your spouse. That is what I chose to include in my care package this last time + he absolutely loved it!

{He didn't know I snuck this screenshot haha} 

4.    Have a Skype date – Planning when they will be online might be difficult, but if you can plan for a special Skype date on your anniversary, go for it. You could sit + talk over dinner. You could plan to watch the same movie at the same time or just enjoy being able to see each other on video. You could also do this over the phone instead. This is not going to replace a real date but it’s the best way to spend time together when you are miles apart.

5.    Make plans after the deployment – If you can’t celebrate your marriage during the deployment, make plans to do so after. You could plan a special trip or even just a meal at a nice restaurant. You can always celebrate your anniversary later – or if the opportunity arises, earlier. Andrew + I went to a really nice restaurant in downtown Fort Worth while he was home, since it was only one month until our anniversary + he wouldn’t be home until April. He surprised me with this idea, which was such a nice gesture + made me feel so special! The restaurant was very accommodating to the idea of us celebrating it early due to a deployment + they went above + beyond to help celebrate our day + acknowledge Andrew for his service. Even though it’s not your actual anniversary, you can still celebrate it a little before or after the fact if the need arises.

I hope these tips give some of you ladies an idea for what to do for your significant other while
you two are separated by a deployment, or distance caused by work. Is there any other ideas y'all
have that you wouldn't mind sharing with the rest of us looking for fresh ideas to keep that spark